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Spiral Master

1.99 usd

Are you tired of throwing wobbly “ducks” every time you pick up a football? Are you looking at improving distance, accuracy and consistency in your throw? Are you trying to teach a child the right way to throw a football? Spiral Master will teach you the proper bio-mechanics involved in throwing the perfect spiral. This innovative course decomposes the football throw into a series of carefully constructed drills designed to develop the required muscle memory, in an incremental and progressive fashion. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing like a pro quarterback!
Features: - Many slow motion videos to visually and effectively convey critical techniques - You will learn about the grip, the release, how to generate torque and distance, the starting position as well as many advanced techniques
Each section includes: - A description of the technique - Slow motion annotated videos and pictures (where applicable) - Many tips to help you get the most of the material presented - Drills, to help you develop the required muscle memory
Spiral Master is the fastest way to learn how to throw a football.